"Each card is, in a sense, a living being; its relations with its neighbors are what one might call diplomatic. It is for the student to build these living stones into his living Temple. Each card, this is especially true of the Trumps, is a Talisman."

                                                                                                                   Aliester Crowley

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About Sarah
I don’t believe in cards. I believe in you. As humans, we are born half physical, half mythical creatures striving towards integrating the two. Allow my cards to assist you in this divine process. After many readings for friends over the years, I realized my skill is worthy of compensation. Let us look into the immaterial and see what stems from the fabric of your soul.

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Tarot readings

Tarot Readings

The tarot deck has clear images that anyone can access, meditate upon, recreate, and alter to their liking. While other divination methods are capable of representing the complicated lives of men, tarot is unique in its presentation of fixed images, characters, and astrological and other correlations. In a sense, the tarot is a guidebook to the life of humans, outlining the journey of life from the cradle to the grave.


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  • As a professional psychic for over 25 years, I can tell you Sarah has the skills! She has the heart, the voice, and the sight. With Sarah, you get the complete package in a reader. I completely endorse her abilities. She is better at remote reading than I have ever been. I have logged over 10k readings and have interviewed psychics all across America. She is incredible and has so much insight to give and offer. Much love and respect.

    Michael Sutton