Maiden Voyage Tarot - "There is more in heaven and earth, Horatio, than is dreamt of in your philosophy." ~Shakespeare
"As a professional psychic for over 25 years, I can tell you Sarah has the skills! She has the heart, the voice, and the sight. With Sarah , you get the complete package in a reader. I completely endorse her abilities. She is better at remote reading than I have ever been. I have logged over 10k readings and have interviewed psychics all across America. She is incredible and has so much insight to give and offer. Much love and respect," - Michael Sutton

"Sarah~The Tarot reading you did for me has literally ingrained itself into my gut-it has stuck and is changing the way I approach my situation in question. It was the very thing I needed at the time! Your readings are intuitive, insightful and intelligent. xo" -Megan Lucas 

"I haven't talked to you in 15 years. You intuited things about my life many people close to me don't know. You're an incredibly gifted tarot reader. I'm amazed!" ~Andrea Lee

¨Sarah¨s readings are horrible for someone who prefers to stay in their disoriented misinformed perspective-lacking world.  For someone who would rather have some clear reflection on their current state of being, in order to re-establish the idea that exactly what they are experiencing right now, is perfect for them to evolve to their next state of being, via the empowerment of understanding, then Sarah will be able to help.  She nails it down in front of you, so you can see it clearly.¨ - Chris Gilles

"THANK**YOU* for such an accurate & in depth tarot/intuitive reading* You expanded my awareness of the situation & had some darn good advice that will save me a lot of frustration & serve me as a *true friend that i hope to be*~)" ~Kiffen Kiff

Thank you for an enlightening and surprisingly in depth reading, Sarah.  It completely resonated with me and for me.  I feel acknowledged in regards to my personal growth journey.  I´m a fan of your genuinely smart insights.
- Terez Autrand

"THANK YOU for such an absolute spot on reading,Sarah!! (highly recommended)"  ~Diana Brown

¨The tarot reading was powerful and insightful.  It reminded me to focus attention on aspects of my life I didn¨t realize needed attention.  Many thanks and highly recommended.¨
- Adam Bouchard

"Thanks Sarah for the amazing tarot reading. I am in awe of the insights that are so right on it feels like we have been talking about this for months. I will be consulting you more in the future for sure! Million thanks :)" ~Megan Runkel 

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